Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok we forgot to not turn on the outside lights this evening. We live at the end of the neighborhood and no kids ever venture down the hill to our house for trick or treating. Just to far off the trail. Well tonight I was coming home and telling Terri no one has their porch lights on. Ate dinner and tinkering around on the low key evening and the dog goes nuts. We forgot and had he porch light on so it was fair game for the kids. We didn't have any candy here so Terri gave them a squeeze thing of mustard. Should have seen their faces!

Life is good ... with mustard on it!

Ok, it's a joke... we gave them treats but I told Terri to give them mustard... so much for leadership in the home! HA!

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Jennifer said...

You're had me believing you!! We don't have any mustard packets here...I think we have some duck sauce in the fridge though!