Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Season of Thanks

Heading to the folks house in a bit. Just wanted to throw out a thanks to all of you guys out there! Everyone have things to be thankful for... simple things.

I am mentally in great shape. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. I did just typing that. But really, I am so in tune these past few days. Spent time with Terri in Branson, short work week, took yesterday off just to spend with my dad only. Just the boys. We headed down to Hot Springs and ate at Fisherman's Wharf and laughed and cut up the whole day. I left him falling fast to sleep in his chair at the end of the day. There is not enough money to tag that day. It's one I am making sure is burnt in my memory.

The morning training ride was good. Started off cool but warmed quickly as I took to the climbs. On the way down once I stopped several times to shoot the last of the fall leaves so I would have them to use in media as next fall rolls around. The river was dead... no one out. At the end of the ride John E pulled up beside me in his family van. I'm used to seeing him in his truck. He had started just before I got there but we never saw each other out on the trail. bummer. He's a good guy. and fun to ride with.

The other mental goodness is Terri and I are celebrating our 27th anniversary today. It's so cool that everyone got to take the day off and eating massive amounts of food in honor of our anniversary. Bless y'alls hearts! Buh ha ha ha! (Note to Terri: I LOVE YOU!!)

The final mental goodness is.... I'm not getting up and having to go fight the crowds at 4am shopping.... whooo-ray!

Life is good.... Life is thanksgiving!

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Wes said...

Happy Thanksgiving Geo!!!