Friday, May 02, 2008

Again and again

What a day to take off!

First of all I had the Bug Man come out for the annual termite inspection. All systems go and looks great. But I also started a pest control program today but a different guy from the same company came out at the same time as the termite guy. I thought one guy was going to do both. Anyway, we had seen a few ants here and there and then Terri unplugged a plug from an electrical outlet and there were a bunch of ants. Strange that we hadn't had a problem with them there. So pest control guy takes off the electrical outlet cover and geebie heebie geebie!!! It was like something from a horror movie. Ants in massive groves! It was so bad that the electrical outlet box was dirt! Talk about feeling dumb! Serious we had NO idea they were like that. When he opened the cover he darted out to his truck and came back in and sprayed the wall then took this gizmo and poked in into the small opening by the socket and filled the wall with smoke. He said, they're all dead now. He then treated all around the house and said there were 3 places where they were trailing in on the back wall (the wall behind our bed). Talk about a creepy feeling! Well they're gone now!

So I was watching TV for a moment while he was treating around the house and those stinking tornado's were back. AGAIN AND AGAIN. Almost the same area as a few weeks ago. This time these nasty little snots are going for serious. By the time lunch rolled around that had hit at least half a dozen places. There are some really sad stories.

While I was watching TV they said that there had been 708 twisters this spring compared to 591 by this time last year. That's insane!

I'm listening to One Republic through the CI and it sounds good.

Life is good!


Wes said...

Stay in the basement Geo! Yuck!!!

Jennifer said...

Ugh!! I would hate seeing all those ants, too...nasty! We had a housefull of brown recluse spiders once...we moved out of that house...seeing them coming out of the wall outlets, walking in the light fixtures, and walking around in the sink was more than I could handle!
Y'all are due a break on tornadoes soon...whew. Thankfully that last system went over us again...I'm so ready for tornado season to be over with!

Abbie said...


I don't know what I would have done! You just reminded me to put my bug barrier up!

Thank goodness you got that resolved.