Saturday, May 17, 2008

Riding once again!

Oh that felt good! I knocked out the meeting I had this morning and was on the bike by 1 and just finished up. It felt great to be back out there on the bike! This was the first time I got to use my new IPod. I had an MP3 player but now I have the real deal.

There was a new bike bridge that opened down by the sub and it was PACKED down there. I think there was also a BBQ fest going on at the end of the boat ramp area.

I paced myself behind a guy I didn't know but it wasn't a draft type ride. I stayed back far enough to have to work myself in the headwinds but having someone up ahead kept me focused on a fitness type ride rather than a look at the pretty flowers ride.

**CI Moment** I finally used the wig tape on my CI to hold everything in place. My helmet seems to bump the mag connection so the problem is now solved! By the way I always take my CI and hearing aid off after my rides and disconnect the battery on the CI and open the case on the Unitron and most of the time I ride home with the windows down (10 minute drive). The air helps dry them a bit and with the hearing aid it helps air out my ear as well preventing infections.

I always put a fun slide at the end of the church services and tomorrow for the second service it has "Have a great afternoon" which all of them say that but tomorrow is a shot of the bike trail with a few bikes on it. There are several roadies in the crowd so I suspect they will turn around and give me a smirk or a smile. Just taking care of the buds, what can I say?! HA!

It's way to nice to be in the house on a computer so I'm outta here!

Life is good!

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Rodney Olsen said...

Hreat to hear that you bike's getting a good work out. :)

We're just about in winter so yesterday morning's group ride was very cold. A great excuse to spend a little longer over the coffee at the end of the ride.