Saturday, May 10, 2008

Heading to Disney Institute -- Day 1

Flip and flop pretty much describes my sleep the night before departure. I woke at 2:30 rather than 3:30 and just laid there thinking and waiting for time to get up. I think I finally said enough already at 3:15 and got up.

Terri was kind enough to drive me to the airport and drop me at check in. I walked over to the Delta area and there was a line but no agent's. This goes on for about 30 minutes. Folks were getting sort of antsy about missing their flights as I was but sure enough we all seemed to have had plenty of time.

**CI MOMENT** OK, Advanced Bionics CI can fly through the airport without removing and it didn't set off the alarm... well not in Orlando but in Little Rock something did. They did ask me to put the hearing aid and CI in the bucket so I did. When I walked through the nice lady smiled and I asked her if it went off? She said it did... of course I was reading her lips without any hearing equipment on. HA! I'm wondering if it was my belt buckle that triggered it? Anyway, I got my gear out of the bucket and no problems at all. So if you are about to travel for the first time using airlines with a CI, don't worry like I did. You'll be just fine!

They called us to board the flight and I was so excited to get to bypass the line and go on in due to me getting lucky enough to score a first class flight. Man, that's the way to travel! There was "someone" sitting in the front seat of first class because several passengers noticed him. He was rock star looking but I have no clue who it was.

Got to Atlanta -- nice place!! I had to go from A concourse to T but it's not as long as you think. They don't have all the alphabet. While getting to my gate I got to see and really nice African art exhibit.

We board the flight to Orlando... holy smokes this is a big jet! First class on this was even better! I had a recliner, wrapped pack of headphones, pillow and blanket and the staff was waiting on us hand and foot! Wonder why they weren't like this on the flight from LR? Anyway the seat next to me is empty until just before takeoff. A guy comes in and sits down and we talk a few moments being pleasant and he was on his way home from a round of golf with friends up north. Yep, he flew up Friday evening, played a round a golf in CT and then flew home Sunday morning. He was talking about his kids driving him crazy...but in a nice way. Then he orders a gin and rum!! 8:30 in the morning! Not Rum and coke or gin and tonic... gin and rum! Whoa!

Land in Orlando and head to the Disney Welcome Center and check in. If you go to Disney this is the way to go! I got my pass for the Magical Express which took me straight to the front door of my resort. They handle your luggage and get it to the room.... if you have the yellow Disney tag on your luggage. Mine was lost in the hospital somewhere in inner office mail or something. But I was told to no worry they know I'm coming and they will bring my luggage.

So John and I head down the Boardwalk and grab a late lunch at ESPN! Good grub!

Luggage still not in the room but I was told not to worry about it. OK...
5pm all 30 of us are now here and we go into this beautiful convention area and dine. Very nice! Chris and Pam introduce us to what we will be experiencing over the next 3 days and at 8 they turn us loose for the evening. I check my room... no luggage. My Dry & Store and my CI battery charger are in the checked in luggage as well as my back CI. I know I know... put it in your carry on you goob!! So I stop by the bell station and the guys tell me that my luggage is still at the airport and they apologize and assure me I will get it tonight. I told them what was in it and how important it was for me to get it. So I leave with the crew and we go walk along the boardwalk and act all touristy.

We stopped by a bar and get bar food and the noise level is that of a bar! Loud! I finally left and walked back to my room. The others left just after me. I was just about to spaz over the suitcase. I walked in and sure enough there it was! I felt 200 pounds lifted off my shoulders! I knew now that I would be having a great trip! By the way, John did have the yellow tag on his luggage and his came the same time mine did.

When I fell asleep I didn't wake until the next morning. I think I was still in the same position even.

Up and excited to see what the day had in store!!

Day 2 coming soon........

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This is incredibly comforting to read!!