Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday evening quick hit...

The training ride felt really good today. I got 34.97 miles in. I got out there a little early and rode awhile then met up with the crew for the usual Thursday evening ride. Since I was warmed up I was able to stay with the gang until the Ft Roots hill. Fat boy here has to work on that awhile. I will need to go out and do some repeats. I do admit I enjoy climbing hills better than the fast down hill runs. I know, that's messed up.

I've really gotten a lot of nice emails and conversations about the new ride. Thanks friends!

My new training tunes are coming together nicely! Grabbed the new tune "Train" by 3 Doors Down. Heard a new tune lately... let me know so I can add it to the playlist.

Big weekend ahead... Saturday morning I'll be parked at the registration table for the crits, then I hope to get a ride in myself then Emmy's graduation (I hope I don't get all teary eyed).

**CI Moment** This is for once not a good CI Moment but one nevertheless... I was finishing up and I turned my head and I felt the cover cap come off the magnet. I put my hand up there but it had already flown off. Well when I put my hand up there I bumped the processor and I felt the battery disconnect. Oh crap oh crap oh crap... I'm going to drop the whole thing!! Stop! No wait... unlock your shoes from the pedals... do this now! Wobbling but done! I turn around and the battery lands in the grass. Thank goodness for small miracles! I pull the bike out of the way... it's a very busy trail this evening! I start walking back to about where I thought the cap came off. Half a dozen bikes come by and I figured the cap would be crushed but would you believe it was sitting perfectly fine. Not even a scratch! I guess I'll be taping the good ole CI to my head again with that wig tape. that stuff is sticky!

Life is good!

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