Sunday, May 11, 2008

Disney Institute -- Day 2

What a breakfast spread! Even had Mickey Mouse waffles if you wanted.

After a great breakfast with fresh orange juice we got busy with presentations and then got to see the backstage areas and tunnels at the Magic Kingdom. Chris did an awesome job showing us some of the unique business practices and pointing out the attention to detail that makes a trip to the Magic Kingdom magical.

Everything is so coordinated that it was mind blowing. No, I'm serious. Did you know that on Main Street that a horse poops and they call in a "house dump" on Main Street and they wait 8 minutes then clean it up? It has to do with the smell is part of a smell you would expect on a turn of the century Main Street. They don't let people step in it or anything.

We spent the rest of the day at our conference area at the Boardwalk and was released to go play at 3:30. Everyone met in the lobby and we headed over to Epcot. After riding a couple of rides we got to eat at Marackka (sp?). It was Morocco food and really good! I really liked the "rice stuff" that came with my chicken kabobs. I also had some Morocco mint tea which was good and cold.

Afterwards several of us headed over to Hollywood Studios where they were open until 1am! We rode the Rocking Roller Coaster (the Areosmith one). Sort of like Space Mountain but with a loop. I still like Space Mountain better. We also rode Tower of Terror. Awwright, no one told me about these insane ride. I knew it took you 13 stories up and then dropped you in an elevator shaft but NO ONE EVER told me it goes back up and does it again! I screamed like a little girl and grabbed a coworkers arm (I really thought it was the arm rest). The poor guy has claw marks on his arm now! HA! They all laughed and laughed at me. Man, when you don't know it's going to do that, gee whiz!

**CI MOMENT*** Remember to remove your CI when dropping free fall in a hauted elevator shift for 13 stories! I almost forgot.

I walked in my room at 12:45 and had to be up and in place for my conference at 7:30. Of course I was so high strung from all the wild rides I couldn't fall right to sleep. Several of us looked like death warmed over the next morning....

Stay tuned... more to come.

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Jennifer said...

Geo, is this aforementioned screaming like a girl on anyone's video camera anywhere? I would pay good money to see that!!!! TOO FUNNY!