Friday, May 23, 2008

Check back later for some cool stuff!

I have a really fun video I shot while riding last evening. It's sort of ends like Cloverfield meets bike riding.

Ride of Silence was nice the other night. Lots of folks came out to support. I rode for "Michael 1993".

Last night I met up with the Fast Girls Slow Guys group and oh my goodness!!! These kids are in smoking form right now. I got dropped and expected as much but thought they they were going on down the road and then coming back to climb the hill but oh no as I rounded the corner at the top there they sat. Oh the shame to be the less man up. And as always when that poor soul gets to the top the rest are ready to head back down the hill at complete insane speeds.

I caught up at the bottom since I didn't cruise at 55mph down the hill and rode along. I was having fun and enjoying just keeping up once again then it got faster and faster. Last time I looked down it was 22mph. These kids were chatting like they were sitting still... I was coughing up my lungs.

Speaking of coughing, a bug flew right in my mouth not 5 minutes into the ride and I had to stay with the group and couldn't hardly drink or cough.

More later...

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Wes said...

I can't wait until I can average 22+ mph :-) BTW: You should consider Gels or bars. Bugs have high protein, but they go down rough ;-)