Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Always a team effort

I always surround myself with good folks. I like folks with a sense of humor and can laugh at themselves as much as I can laugh at them! I like friends good enough to push me to do better and call me on it when I foul. I like friends who I could tell something in confidence to and know it's sealed and I like knowing that my friends feel the same with me. Sometimes it's hard to keep quite about something when someone comes and ask but it's part of the trust bond.

Sorry, I got off the subject... you know... surrounding yourself with good people. OK, so anyway, I went to this lunch deal a couple of days ago and was awarded the highest honor given out at the hospital. I would not have written about this but someone I live with threatened me if I didn't blog it. I prefer backstage to limelight. The Care, Love and Hope award was presented to me by deal friends and coworkers. They cried when they told their stories about things I had done. It was embarrassing. After they got finished and called my name everyone was on their feet clapping and clapping and clapping. Dr. Bates (hospital CEO) came up to me and talked a few and I told him that this was an "us" award not a "me" award. I told him many people get me to where I am and he firmly said this was a "Geo" award and well deserved. It was all surreal.

Ok, so I got the award but it is really an "us" award... all of you get me to where I am... yes even you lurkers who read this. HA!

My little sister also got an award much bigger than mine. She is a school nurse and was awarded School Nurse of the Year for the state of Arkansas. WAY TO GO BARB! She deals with little kids barf, cuts and snot all day long and smiles about it... get real! HA!

Tonight is the Ride of Silence at 7 honoring all the cyclist who have been killed or seriously injured in wrecks with autos. We ride 2 up and keep it at about 10-12 mph and no one says a word. It's a moving event (no pun intended).

Destin is only 23 days away! I am so looking forward to a huge family vacation!

Life is good!


Wes said...

I love the idea of the Ride of Silence. We lost a lot of good people last year, foolishly, needlessly. I'll be with you in spirit Geo!

Rodney Olsen said...

A big award for you, a big award for your sister. Sounds like you're a family of over achievers. :)

Well done and I'm so glad you were 'forced' to share the great news.

Jennifer said...

I am somehow not at all seem to be an amazing person, and that award was doubtless well deserved!! Congratulations!
The ride sounds like a really special one...thanks for sharing that with us :)