Sunday, May 25, 2008

Paula Deen Show in Tunica

Terri and I drove over to Tunica for the afternoon to Harrahs where we dashed through the smoke filled casino into the event center to see Paula Deen. I had bought Terri tickets and gave them to her for mothers day. We had great seats on the fifth roll almost center aisle. It was really really funny. She had her husband, brother, aunt, her business guy and another guy. They really just sat around telling family stories but it was tummy hurting funny. She tells it like it is.

Aferwards we went upstairs to the new Paula Deen restaurant and had to stand in line to get a ticket to come back and stand in line again. The show got out about 3:15 and we got in to eat about 4:30. It was worth the wait! There are 5 different stations and it's huge. There is Lady and Sons, Uncle Bubba (her brother), Paul's Garden (Her grandmother named Pauline I think), A smokehouse and a dessert station which I tried to put out of business! Peanut butter pie like I've never had before! I will be riding a long way tomorrow to get rid of this damage! HA! I also had a piece of the fried chicken she is famous for.

All in all it's been a fun day!

Life is good y'all!


Jennifer said...

OK, I am TOTALLY JEALOUS!!!!!! *stomps foot* I TOTALLY love Paula Deen...I have all her cookbooks and have driven to Savannah to her restaurant before. She wasn't there when I was there, and I was put out until I talked to one of the employees that said he'd been working there for two months and hadn't met her yet himself.
And you got incredible tickets, it sounds like...and wow, the food...did I tell you yet that I'm jealous???
Did you take pictures?

Wes said...

I love Paula Deen. Eating at her restaurant in Savannah is on my list sometime when I make it over there to tri...