Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The transformation of Chris

Chris has been a pal of mine for several years now. You've heard me talk about him. Nice guy with a big heart of gold. Actually both Chris and his wife Rebecca are two of the most kind and generous folks you'd ever meet. No, nothing bad happened to them... Chris has branched out and started a blog. Oh I just realized... look at my entry about Killer Buzz and the black t-shirt guy is Chris.

Check out his blog... ** Note to fellow blogger Wes.... you'll love this one! Yes, it's an Ironman blog**

Y'all jump over there and read up:

Now on a different note... what's up with the weather? Oh I forgot, it's Arkansas... you know the tag line... Don't like the weather, well stick around and it changes. I got ready to ride yesterday and walked out to hear it thunder. Back in the house I go. I won't ride thunderstorm rides. Today I have a half day off (it came with winning that award). It keeps getting dark then light so I'm going to make a run for it here in about 30 minutes.

Life is good... especially when you have a 1/2 day off!

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Melissa said...

Way jealous of the Paula Deen thing! I will hold you to replicated her mac & cheese and fried chicken while we are all at the beach. And of course you can book a shoot on the beach. I figured each family would want to do that so I am bringing all my stuff! CANT WAIT CANT WAIT CANT WAIT!!! How many more days?