Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Media and church

Oh this title perked up a few ears.... I have a meeting Saturday morning (I'll ride afterwards) and what's cool about this meeting is that all the different leaders are coming together. I get to been under one of my favorite guys and someone I really look up to, Winston Horton. Media and sound and other parts of the Church service will be grouped. I've been encouraged a lot to have more video in services. The bar is raising!! They want to know what I think so I'll tell them if you want this church to grow the market to the community. You have a massive crowd out there of 20, 30 and 40 somethings but the service has got to be moving. I admit we are getting there as far as progressive goes and I'm as happy as a loon! We have a visually exciting service, our sound is good for the most part... we're still working on it. We installed flat screens in the back so the back pews can see a crisp screen of whats on the large screen in the front. We have since Easter had stage props. It works! A couple of weeks ago Kevin, our youth guy, spoke about "Get out of the boat" and guess what was on the stage? You got it... a boat. The thing was leaned up against the wall. It got the crowds curiosity and interest up! Greg and I put together a great baseball set which sadly will be coming to an end this month. We have had members bringing their cameras to church to take pictures of the props! I seat in the crows nest and laugh when this happens. Even the senior members are loving it. It was thinking outside the box...
Can't wait for Saturday!

Sylvan Hills are heading to Fayettville this Saturday to claim ANOTHER state championship against Watson Chapel. Emmy is heading up that way for the game. We have too much other stuff going on and that's a bummer because I really world like to see this game.

My guys from Rock Racing had a last minute schedule change and didn't make it over to race last weekend so I was glad I didn't go up. I was going to stay with my neice but her twins got sick as dogs so i'm glad I missed out! HA!

Rain is leaving us again...finally! Weekend is looking wesome! Thinking about a ride to Keo (the farmland). They've been hit with tornados... but then where in Arkansas hasn't been hit?!

Life is good!

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