Saturday, May 24, 2008

Killer Buzz -- Go buy some!

I worked the registration table this morning for the Carve Crit series. It was great to be back out there socializing with the big dogs. These guys are super nice and always appreciative of the little dogs like me who work behind the scenes.

I did get to see an awesome sprint to the finish by Robert Mooney. It was one that would have been a great video to put on youtube. Smokin' I tell you!

While we were watching the top racers Killer Buzz ( energy drink folks came around giving out free ice cold samples. Good stuff! I thought it would be fun to make a little homemade video so here you go! After you watch it go buy some... yeah, a case would be good!

Wanna be Buzz models!
(Note to Chris (black shirt) -- GOOD LUCK in the 1/2 Ironman in a couple of weeks!)

Cat 1, 2, 3 racers creating a buzz!

Justin and ___I'll think of it in a sec *sorry!*___ from Killer Buzz.
Super nice folks and great reps for the product.
Great vehicle and product packaging. Very cool logo!

I made it back to the house and got busy with the honey-do list. Tyler came over and got us all hooked up to a wireless network. I know, I'm 20 years behind on this. The funny part was that when he was hooking us up he was telling me that we have a lot of wireless signals showing. OK so I'm the last in the hood to go wireless... sigh.

Spoke to the folks and everyone is getting more exciting about the big family trip to Destin this year. Man, I am ready to park my tail under the umbrella and soak up the sun. Oh and yes, I am going to take some Killer Buzz with me. Serious, I really like this stuff. I've felt great all afternoon.

The pop up t-storm has moved on now so I've got to get back with it.

Congrats again to all the Carve crit series racers!

Life is good!

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