Friday, May 30, 2008

Couple of new blog links for you

Look over to the right and you'll notice a couple of new blogs linked up. Jo and DWonn are both outstanding tri-athletes and that is really an understatement. Jo just started her blog so now she is even more on the "dark side". HA! DWonn is our rock star! Everyone goes to him for advice. When everyone finishes a hard ride leave it to DWonn (Obee Wonn) to smile and say, "Ok, let's run!" Dwonn also has a mass of photos so if you want to see visuals of the Little Rock Tri scene, his blog would be the place.

Jump over there and read up and leave them a note!

Life is great!!!! I mean it is Friday!!!

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Sarah said...

Geo-Jo has a blog now? Man I'm so behind!!