Monday, May 12, 2008

Disney -- the rest of the story

Some of this I'm really writing for myself just so I don't forget.

The rest of the Disney trip-- I got to see the Disney laundry which for ALL of those resorts they only have 9 washers. I kid you not. Of course they are the size of a city bus. I saw the place where all the employees get their uniforms. They check them out like in a super center.
I had to analyze an area and chose the Tower of Terror. I can feel you it is safe and the cast members are great.

The flight home was along the Fl east coast which surprised me. A beautiful flight. We arrived in LR just as the storms got here. We have some friends who where flying in from Denver and finally got to LR at 3am. They were supposed to be here at 7pm.

**CI Moment** I did not have to remove the hearing aid or the CI at security check in. The AB Ci and Unitron HA did not make the alerts go off. Of course my Christmas ornimate that was clear glass with a castle inside about shut down the line. It's not a snow globe guys... let me go. My package ended up having to be a training item for several screeners. They like me take it but they all had to look to see what a ornament without water looks like on the xray. Better safe than sorry. Always glad to help out the Feds out keeping our skies safe. I know... that's a stretch huh?!

Ok...up to present day... Car broke down. Bummer! I hate car trouble and I'm not a mechanically inclined person at all when it comes to motors. Terri and Em left church to meet Ty for Mothers Day lunch after church and I had to turn off the computer equipment that runs the service so I was a few minutes behind them. As I was going down the road my car went into slo-mo. The harder I pushed on the gas the slower I would go. I ended up leaving it and having it towed in today. They have just started working on it this afternoon. OK, y'all who pray... do it now please. It have a feeling it's going to take my June family vacation money. Is that the way thinks always happen? I come across extra money and try and save it up and something out of the ordinary happens. Oh well... who needs to eat in Destin anyway huh?! HA! 34 days until depart!

Today's CI Moment***
I had the pestering pain at my CI mag site and it bothered me last night. I don't really ever remember having any pain around the mag site other than a tad while healing. I stopped by Jordan the audio guru's office on the way back from a meeting and she removed a mag. I had the overloaded version because of my "fat head" (thick scalp). I actually had one mag more than recommended but hey, I had to have to stick...right? It has severed me well since activation day back in December. I'm not sure if it's a mental thing but I would almost swear this is lighter without the extra mag. The thing is the size of a tick so it couldn't weigh much. (How was that for a visual?! HA!) The CI is staying put and I even did yard work after dinner and it never moved.

So this past weekend was the Pro bike race in Fayettville. I was so bummed out that I didn't get to go then today I noticed no one was talking about Rock Racing on the boards. Hmmm. I found out they pulled out at the last minute and stayed in CA racing. Boy was I glad I didn't drive up 3 hours for that. I was really looking forward to seeing the bad boys of bike racing in action in my home state. They have their company store opening a week from today! I'm thinking new bike jersey! I've not bought a new jersey in a while.

Oh yesterday after lunch I got my son Tyler hooked on Meekat Manor! Love that show. I didn't know that Flower had been bitten on the head by a viper and died. I bet the folks who film that cried. She was the leader for four years. It was funny how they gave her such a personality. Thanks for making us laugh Flower... we'll miss you!

Hey you other blogspot bloggers... question... do you have a option to add old posting links? I can see it in the options but there is not icon to activate it. I was wanting to have a CI section so folks can bypass all my yakking and get straight to the days on first having my CI.

Life is so good!

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