Monday, October 17, 2005

And it's a good day to ride!

Ok, I admit, I stayed off the bike yesterday. Y'all know I've done that a day here and there. It was Dad's birthday so I spent the day with him. Ride before church? Yea, I could have but didn't. Ride after Dad's birthday party? Yea, could have but I didn't. Serious, I woke up feeling really good after the Ride for a Better Life ride on Saturday. That was one of those rides I really enjoyed.

I did mean to mention the "hill" on the ride. It was funny! We started going up a hill and there was writing on the road that just said "Hill" and a smiling face. My first thought was there must be a long hill or something you couldn't see coming up. I watched the guys in front and noticed they really weren't holding back to much to have done this hill before or no one was local. The next thing I know there's a note on the road "You made it". I snickered as well as the others as we all saw it. The folks that put on the event had a sense of humor and that always helps!

Also, I heard this morning that a rider had gone down along the way and was airlifted. He had broken ribs and liver laceration as well as collapsed lung but reports were that he was stable now. This must have happened after I left the ride. I hope he continues to recover.

I'm starting to get excited about Austin, TX!! Everyone has told me about all the cool stuff to see and do. They've told me about a pancake place to go to, about the bats, about how everything is orange, about 6th street, about some world grocery store where you can sample all this weird stuff, and about that I was going to have a blast! Rance and I are leaving about 9 Friday morning to drive down and should arrive in Austin about 6. Saturday is packet pick up day and there is a great crit race through downtown and rumors of some pros racing! Sunday morning is the ride.

I will be riding in celebration for a friend from church named Kathy. She's a real sweetheart and has beat cancer! Yep, she went through the whole deal and she won! She will be here in LR on Saturday walking in the Komen Race for the Cure with the other about 40,000 ladies walking. It's a cool thing to just go and cheer on the gals! We have a deal where the guys line up and it's called "Three Miles of Men". As the week progresses everything in downtown LR turns pink! It's really a cool way to honor, celebrate and remember those who fight cancer.

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