Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's the same as jackhammering your head

Friends, about once a year I get a migrane. Yesterday my lotto number was drawn. About lunch time I started getting tunnel vision then about 3 the monster unleashed the fury! At 4:15 I left the office and drove home with both hands on the wheel and white knuckles. At 4:45 I walked in, kissed my wife and crashed on the bed...still with suit jacket and wingtips on! I'm so glad I only have these train wrecks about once a year and I really feel for those that get them often.

Tonight will be the last "Fast Girls and Slow Guys" club ride at least after work version. With daylight savings about to hit the after work rides will be very limited. This is sad because our little club has had a blast this summer. I've learned a lot about group riding and being an inch off someone's back tire without killing us all. But the last ride will be one of the best no doubt. Wayne is 50 today and we'll go out in style... mad man hammerfest to the finish! But we've all opted to let Old Wayne finish first, even though it's against the hammerheads code of unethics! HA! And I have a new back tire so I'm sure that will make me go faster!

Oh yeah, we are really having fall now! It got cold the past few nights. Terri will push me to build a fire in the fireplace very soon and is already after me to buy wood. I have to admit, I love the fireplace too!

Also Terri go the kitchen table refinished and it looks brand new. It's been nice to eat at the table again. I'll go though the "No, we're not eating in the den in front of the TV" withdrawal now.

Terri and I are going to Hot Springs Saturday afternoon and I hit my buddy Gary up for best places to eat. He's from there and still keeps a place down there but also bought a place in LR when the gas went through the roof.

I finished reading a book called A Walk through the Woods by Bill Bryson. It's a hoot! It's a journal of a guy that hikes the Applilation (sp?) Trail from Georgia to Maine. A friend of his goes with him named Katz and what a pro-hiker he is ... not! It's also one of my neice Shannon's favorite books. I see why!

I received word that our ACH jersey order is heading our way! There were a lot of folks that wanted to get ACH cycling gear so we got all sorts of stuff! I'll be able to have the whole ACH kit as it's known (Uniform). Socks, gloves, long sleeve jersey, shorts! All custom for us! I can't wait for Bike to Work next May... we'll look snappy if I say so myself!

Well y'all go have a good day and don't forget to laugh at yourself because we're all laughing at you! :)

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