Sunday, October 02, 2005

I rode with the big dogs when I should've stayed on the porch!

I had to work at a job fair this morning over at the hospital so I missed getting to ride the Tour de Cure for Diabetes. I thought about it off and on and the weather was outstanding for a morning century! Guess I'll try again next year. I missed the MS 150, the Arky (due to hurricane Rita), Tour de Cure (due to job fair).

I did ride with Van Pay and friends (the Big Dogs) yesterday. Get this, the email he sent said something like it would be a non-agressive tapering off ride. It wasn't! These Carve guys just flat out smoke the bike tires on every ride. Van Pay is a very strong rider and will be doing the River to River ride on thursday. Myself and 3 others are riding along. 300 miles in one day. Across the state of Arkansas. From Oklahoma (Arkansas River in Ft Smith) to the Mississippi River in Memphis! I'm going along for support and to tell them to slow down and not attack hills. I'll be a long adventurous day! The ride is a fund raiser for the First Assembly of God in North Little Rock. They are raising money for a missionary in China to buy him a van.

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