Monday, October 10, 2005

Beautiful weather and snowstorms

I heard that Denver was going to get snow and it looks like they did! Terri talked to Tyler and he was in his "the weather changes by the hour and I've got a cold" mode. He gets one every year at this time due to the drastic weather changes out there. 85 one day and snow the next.

I picked up the bike lights at JVP's church yesterday. What a huge crowd! I was hoping to run into to him but I was actually on the other side of the building in the office area. We got out before they did.

I took the bike out and rode a little at the end of the day Saturday and it was a nice ride but as I was leaving the house it became overcast which dropped the temperature. I had on a short sleeved jersey and shorts and it was cold! Just down the river and back. When I got home Terri had made chicken tortellinni soup! My favorite! Saturday night was low key.

Sunday: Went to church then later Terri and Emily went to pick up stuff for Sylvan Hills Homecoming week. I was planning to go riding and Connie Ross called and asked if I could help them with their bikes and tires. Her and Lee (her husband) got new Cannondales just before Labor Day and they needed to get the tires aired good. So they stopped by and we actually ended up changing one of Connie's tubes. No biggie. They were going down to the river and asked if I'd like to join them. I met them down there and rode a nice ride. Tons of folks out enjoying the fall weather. We saw a little boy ride right in front of a car coming into the park. Man, it was so close. The little guy was the son of a ACH employee. She was running to him and I'm sure cried a little. Yep, it was really THAT close.

When we finished riding, Connie said Kyle was just around the bend at the other end of the parking area. They left and I rode over and we rode the river (me riding it again). We stopped and watch Arron Childress soccer game for a few minutes. The Childress's are really good folks! They're one of those families that will do anything for anybody to help them. Kyle and I talked about church and rode back.

It was a good ride and the weather was the best. This coming weekend takes me to Jonesboro for the Ride for a Better Life. A fundraiser for the Southwest Church of Christ counseling center. And then next weekend (10/23) is Austin for the Ride for the Roses with Lance Armstrong! I'm excited about that!

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