Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Planning for the big graduation in Denver

The clock is ticking and Tyler will be graduating in just a few weeks but right now he is in a heavy load! He has classes, plus a job, plus an internship, plus the decision of staying in Denver or returning to Little Rock. What a load on a young man. We'll know in a few weeks if he will be staying. Either way, he'll move out of the apartment he's in.

I've recooped from the Austin ride so I'm good to go but got an earthquake of a headache today so I'm heading to the house instead. I must ride tomorrow, I must ride tomorrow, I must ride tomorrow!!!

I finished my annual hospital physical a little while ago and was ticked that I weigh in at 172! I've been at or below 168 for a while now. With winter coming and less rides I'm going to really have to watch it. If I keep eating like I am now, I'll be whale biker.

Now what's up with those Astro's? Come on guys!

Terri and I are going to Hot Springs Saturday night. We're going to stop by my folks house in Benton and visit a little before going on down. If Terri sleeps in Sunday morning then I'm going to take my bike out and go ride up by the Arlington to the lookout tower. Heard it was a good climb. I need it!

In general, life is good...

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Jim Gardner said...


Did I read that right -- "I want to be a TEXAN"? Wow. As one who's been on the receiving end of a great deal of grief for leaving God's country, you might want to watch out. Seriously, Austin is a wonderful city with some very pleasing scenery. Until we came to interview in the Hill Country, I didn't realize there were places in Texas so pretty.

So, when ya moving?