Tuesday, September 05, 2006

And tomorrow is already Wednesday!

Brandon and Will cruising along the river trail.

This afternoon was another photo night before the ride because it was the first club ride with the MS150 jerseys. Sad thing was a lot of the members were out working or getting over a nasty stomach bug that hit. The weather was really nice and as the ride started I stopped for a second to talk to Robert on of our new riders about the jersey reorder. Then John Martin was just sort of riding in a ircle and come to find out he was waiting on Allison who was pulling in the parking lot. Matthew pulled into the parking lot and was asking about picture night and I said it was a quick one because the crew had to get the ride started since the sunsets earlier. Matthew gave me a great progress report. He can walk without crutches and plans to ride on the Big D-Bridge ride on Oct 1.

Our newest Jr. rider!

This FedEx rider tried to slip in and go unnoticed amongst the Fast Girls Slow Guys group. Nice try Keith!

Here's a part of the

Fast Girls Slow Guys MS150 team.

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The Siegel Family said...

Cute little boy!!!