Sunday, September 03, 2006

Just thinking about life and MS Word on a peaceful Sunday morning

It's funny is it... life I mean... with all of it's ups and downs, laughter and tears, hard work and kickin' back times.

I know, you're thinking, Ok Geo, what does MS Word have to do with this? Mistakes. Yep, it fixes some of your mistakes. I told a friend of mine I would not write an more until I had MS Word to correct grammar and spelling mistakes. When I write these blogs, I just pound out and hit publish. Nope, I rarely go back to check. He told me if I did it would ruin the Geo-ness of the blog. The funny thing is that he wasn't the first to tell me that.

One of the mistakes I can't correct was a mistake on the new club jersey (Crowd gasps!). No you won't see it on the jersey because it's not that kind of mistake. I misordered by 2. I ordered a few extras but in the rush of things I missed a couple. The even worse part is they are not part of the extras I ordered. I need the big sizes. Someone is not getting a jersey until we reorder and there's nothing I can do about it. Yep, I had all the emails and and even verified the orders but even some folks sent several emails changing their orders which is perfectly fine because we want everyone to be happy. Dang, doesn't that make your stomach hurt when you do that. Did you ever make a mistake you can't change?

Ok, on to better things. We got Tyler moved yesterday and he and Shalynn's apartment is beautiful. Serious. They can step through double french glass doors out on the balcony and see the Arkansas river. There are lots of eating places within walking distance. We got the truck loaded and his buddy Nate, a FedEx loader no doubt came to help us get the stuff up to his new place. We had 2 flights of long stairs. Man, the sweat was pouring and the kids kept saying, "Dad, please sit down. You're breathing hard." It was funny. Nate could throw a dining room table over his shoulder and waltz up the stairs whistling Zipp-a-dee-do-dah. Stoutest kid I've ever seen and just an all around good guy. He also was hit on his motorcyle a few weeks ago on Cantrell when a lady ran a yeild sign. It was really interesting to listen to him talk about motocycles and cars and the way folks don't watch for them with all the hills we have around here. I quitely sat there thinking, Yep, I do know exactly what you're talking about. Cars vs. 2 -wheelers, whether its a motorcyle or a bicycle, most people just don't get it.

We got everything loaded and I drove home while Tyler and Nate took the rental truck back. It wasn't until I got out of the car that I realized how hard I pushed it moving stuff today. I didn't feel bad just tired.

I got Emily and Sean to pick up some Hunan for dinner and before we called in the order as I looked at the menu I wanted something good. Something I hadn't had before. Oh yes, there it is! A combination of seafood and chicken with vegatables. The name of the dish? Happy House of Golden Jade. Emily accused me of ordering that just so she would have to say it when she called it in. Serious, it was what I wanted. I can't help it if they have names like that for their dishes. Some our our favorite American restaurants have some funny dish names too. Go to Shakey's and read Joe's menu. Or the Purple Cow. One of my favorite funny dish names is the "Dog Pile". It's just another name for a hot dog and french fries.

We watched the game until I finally nodded off and the kids laughed at me. It was 7 to 14 USC. I told them I was going to bed. 9:30 on a Saturday night? Isn't the a law against that somewhere? I told them that I hoped it wasn't going to be the game of the century and I missed it. When I woke this morning it was front page news, trust me, not the game of the century. We lost 50 to 14. Come on Hogs! We know you can do it. My nephew out in Fresno will start hammering on us way to early in the season and we don't want that. HA! Even though we might have lost there was certainly fire in the Hogs eyes and the fans in Fayettevlle were completly rabid!

I think I'll go ride now...

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