Friday, September 22, 2006

Weekend is on!

Our riding club has started a new line of products for the Big Dam Bridge rest stop for next weekend. You will need to ride out 65 miles to sit on this throne!

Our club never says "No drops". Think about that while you look at the photo! HA!

I'm excited about all the event for next week! Tuesday night we have a volunteer meeting at Buffalo Grill. Thursday night is the Sunset Reception (yep, the 75 dollar a pop wine and cheese party). Saturday is the 5K and Sunday is the bike ride. I decided to take Friday off just so I could get things done around the house and to mae sure I have everything in order for Sunday. I really want to spend some time Saturday down at the 5K. Sunday is going to be crazy for me!

I'm getting all the tunes onto a few CD's this weekend and scuring the sound system we'll be using. It's going to be fun but a lot of work too!

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