Sunday, September 17, 2006


Been a nice day and even had a tunderstorm to come through and cool everything off. I was really hot and muggy before the storm came. The TV was warning of winds to 70 mph or more. It got wicked but not that bad.

I downloaded a crop of new songs and made a new play list that takes me down and back on the river trail but adds an around Burn's Park as well. If you haven't ripped down the trail with Jeff Becks "Freeway Love Affair" blasting in your ear then you haven't enjoyed the full effect of the trail. I remember that tune in college and remembered how much I liked it and I ran across it accidently while downloading. I dumped several I thought I wanted as well. Hearing Heart's Baracuda is a great climbing song. I didn't think it would be and I actually put the song in the wrong place but when it came on I was on the back climb of Burns and I passed the horse riders that were on the road. That was funny.

After I got home I crashed on the sofa and Emily went to babysit a few minutes later. The next thing I know I'm waking up and missed small group. I laid there for a bit and Father of the Bride with Steve Martin was on. As I sat there watching I began to have a lump in my throat. There is a moment in the movie where he watches his daughter grow up. Em and I got to spend some Dad/Daughter time together yesterday talking about some pretty serious stuff. Seeing that movie just reminded me that even though she's just 16, Em will be heading off to college, getting married and all that stuff. Tough to think about.

Terri called and she did go to a Pirate game last night and said it was one of the best games she's ever seen. They won but it was down to the wire. She said it was really hot up there (Pits). She said she is in the middle of everthing. Said it's a lot like Denver with all the stuff downtown.

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