Saturday, September 02, 2006

More HH100 photos

There is a guy in the Stillwater area that always takes tons of photos. So these are his photos. Thanks Kincannondale!
This is where everything starts getting exciting! Almost there!

Jose's SRAM car. We'll miss Jose until next May when we bug him at the Joe Martin Stage races(Right Jenn?)

Before the start. Look down in the lower right hand corner and you'll spot Paul Creel with blue and orange jersey and John Reese with teh white and yellow.

The offical greeter at the start line. Yep, he looks like he's saying, "Y'all have a nice trip."

Rest area #2 where I spent an hour waiting for the mechanic to work on my bike. If you look just above the girl with the orange jersy you'll see me with the blue and yellow on.

Heading into rest area 2. The blue and yellow jersey is Diane Barton.

This was a great rest area. Beach Boy tunes were blasting.

We even got to ride right through the air force base. Got to see several planes and jets. Their rest stop was awesome when it came to customer service!

This was a common site towards the end of the ride.

The skyline of Wichita Falls was the best sight! Most saw the skyline but just couldn't pedal any faster. Just get me there was the main thought.

The blasting water at the end of the ride.

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Kin said...

So we rode together? I don't know how I missed you in that crowd of 10,000 people. :)