Thursday, July 19, 2007

The 3 weeks are over now

I did it. I got back on the bike today and boy did it feel different. Different because I was happy to be there and not on a scheduled training. I rode and looked around at rabbits, birds and even had to dodge a whole family of coons that waddled across the bike trail. They were really cute little things. Probably full of fleas and have rabies but hey, we all have our short comings huh?! HA! The river is still massive flooded. I wish those guys over in Oklahoma would turn off the water a moment.

Lots of folks are started to talk about the next big ride, Hotter'n'hell 100 in Wichta Falls, Tx. I rode it last year and they had record heat. It was a fun trip but I'm passing this year. I try to do different rides every year. Like I did "Ride for the Roses" in Austin then the next year was the Hotter ride. This year I want to ride the Big Dam Bridge ride. I helped put together a fun rest stop for BDB 100 last year. This year I want it to be my event ride. Next year is a Cajun ride in early spring.I'm also going to Jonesboro in ealry October to ride a ride I've done once called "A Ride For A Better Life". It benefits a counseling center outreach program for a Church of Christ there. Read about it here:

Since the internet was messed up I didn't get to download many photos from FL but check this out... Little girls grow up! The kiddo's senior year is about to begin in a couple more weeks.

Oh the Wal Mart story: Aww right, so Wal Mart is going to build a new suepercenter about a mile from the house but thank goodness our street is not the main street going to it. It was a Sherwood Good Ole Boys club property deal and boy did it cause an uproar! They have cleared a massive amount of land and were even blasting. A friend from the hopital lives in one of the neighbors that border it and she asked if I had seen the clearing. I had not. We drove by it this afternoon after work... Oh man... it's huge! I don't mean sort of huge but massive huge. Once it's all done it will be nice (I think). Yea, Ryan, I still still love ya man! HA

Speaking of Wal Mart, I scoped out the garden center at the Wal Mart in Navarre Beach last week. Ok Melissa, that was probably the last time I cried! Plants that I pay 30 bucks for here were huge and only 4.50... yep, 4 dollars and 50 cents. Next time I go, I'll leave the kids in the parking lot and load the car with plants and bring them back.

One of my favrite things to do is link off other bloggers sites and read who they know if it looks interesting. One of my favorite links is to the family of Suzanne & Joe. Why, well they are about to have quads. Yes, 4 babies! Ok, let me warn you it's sort of a chick site because you know those mom's to be tell the world all this birthing stuff and show photos of tummys and she is no different but it's been fun watching this with the rest of the world and I do mean the rest of the world. Look at her hit counter... over 200K hits. It was 174K last week. Anyway, she is almost about to have them... here's the link: For those of you who pray, send one up for them... 4 babies at once... I'd move to Cayman!

Well the weekend is almost here... "everybody dance now....!"

Later friends and fam... Geo.

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