Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday 07.05.07

Well howdy out there!
We have suitcases everywhere, plans and plots being made, packing and unpacking and repacking going on! Ahh, ya just gotta love the night before vacation starts! Tyler's going to watch the house and babysit the pup!

Here's the live cam to where I'll be!

We will leave out and drive to Hattiesburg, MS tomorrow night and get there about 10 then drive on down to Terri's folks and I plan to get out of the car, drop the suitcase and park the butt on the beach for the next 6 days. I'll come in and eat and sleep. Don't call us, we'll call you! HA!

We had planned to not go until Saturday and drive all the we through but if it was up to Terri and Em we'd be throwing stuff in the car and leaving now! HA! I tried to find a hotel in MS but all were really high and only king bed room left. I needed a double and my buddy Gary was just there last week and told me the Super 8 was actually good. I'm a Country Inn and Suites sort of guy but if Gary says it's good then it's good. I was booking the room and just as I pushed the reserve button a screen came up and it said they would take 30 dollars off if I would chat live. I just laughed and started to click the red "no" X but thought oh way not. Sure enough I was asked a few questions and then was told a mail in rebait was coming. I didn't have to give any private info that would have raised a red flag. Just simple, "was the online reservation system is to use?" Questions like that. I got a room for 51 bucks! That made my day!

I said I wasn't going to take the bike but boy it sure is wanting to go! If I ride I'll have to do it at first light or it gets too hot and muggy going inland down there. By the way, yes, I feel fine.

We spent yesterday at my sisters house. She lives out on the Arkansas River and all the rain that they've had in OK and northwest Arkansas is coming down the river. An island floated by and all sorts of trees went by. We kept joking about dead bodies floating by. It's really moving fast and it has been for abut a month now. Sort of feel sorry for all the summer boaters that like to habg out on the big sand bar just off the bike trail. We've not seen it in a long time. There are always a lot of boats parked all the way around it and cookouts and beach volleyball going on.

Plan to see Transformers while I'm in FL. Maybe Sean and Em will let me go with them! Daddy on a date with the teens! Oh joy! HA!

I downloaded beach tunes for the gift card Tyler gave me from the ITune store. Endless Summer was a must! Love that music! I ran across Duran Duran's Rio and grabbed it too. I know... old school. That reminds me... I need a few more tunes! Gotta run!

Yep, I'll be broadcasting from the beach and even plan to load up some photos. I always say crap like that then something happens where I don't get to.

Later folks!


Wes said...

Have a great trip! Biking along the Gulf Coast is HOT! But the built in breeze helps. Just don't stop :-)

Geo said...

The bike is staying home. Terri gave me "the look" when I just mentioned the bike and FL. HA!