Sunday, July 29, 2007

Out for a Sunday ride

I had been about 3 weeks since I've seen my folks so Em and I drove down to Benton for a visit. They hadn't eaten and Mom said Dad hadn't been out of the house in about 3 weeks so let's get him out. Mission on! He wanted to ride on Hwy 9 a little and Mom wanted to try the new Chik-fil-a (sp?). So we drove over and we had all forgotten that those are all closed on Sunday's. So we jumped the street and had Sonic in the monsoon. It was pouring! Food came and everyone got all settled in for the drive and off we go. I was funny because we had to drive right by their house again to get where we wanted to go. It's always weird to drive by their house and not pull in. Anyway we spent the afternoon together driving and laughing. He told me that he thought it was Monday when he first got up. Said it happens to him a lot. I told him I was going to come down every Sunday afternoon and get him out of the house even if it's just to wheel him around Home Depot. I had a great idea that I would build them a deck on the back of the house but he nixed the idea. He likes the front of the house better because where they live is on top of a hill and the driveway is really long. So he like to sit on the front porch and watch the world go by. So now I'm trying to figure a way to build a patio type area in front of the house. He'll probably nix it too... can't say I didn't try.

I did ride yesterday but not the ride I wa planning. I slept until 6:58. I woke and looked at the clock then looked again. I never sleep that late! River trail: the flood waters of the river have finally gone down to where you can cross the small bridge which means the river trail is wide open once again. It's been 4 weeks and there is one section that was flooded during the spring, finally cleared up then flooded again and is still knee deep. The floods softened the dirt so much that trees have fallen all over the place on it. A huge mess. The strange part is before this spring, it was very rare for that section of the trail to flood. Bet it has to do with Al Gore and the global warming.

Check out this site:
I'm really liking a lot of these comtemporary churches and their sites.

Oh yeah, Em brought me cinnamon bagels and hazelnut cream cheese from Panera while she was in Bentonville! OH YEAH!!!! Daddy's a happy camper!

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Emily said...

Now i know that when i get on your bad side all i have to do is go to bentonville to panera and you'll be happy! Ha! I love you!