Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thank goodness for island time

Ahhh just another beautiful day on the gulf coast. We headed over to Destin this morning and spent the morning at the Silver Sands Outlet Mall. I was supposed to pick up some Dooney bags for folks but the ones they wanted were sold out. It was some purse that was ust inside the door to the left and it was 107 marked down from 375. Gone! I did load up on he 9.99 polo shirts! I walked out of Harry and David with a sack so full the clerk put it in a plastic bag then a thick bag sack. I wanted he Moose Mnch but it would have melted in the car. Oh well, all he more reason to go to Branson!

we did get to se Terri's brother's house which is down the first road to the left when you go over the Destin bridge. Yep, the back door opens to the sound. Really pretty! Sad thing was the wave runner stuff fell through so me and the kids went to the beach when we get back.

There were some black blobs in the water and Sean went out and took a small net and they were snails! Thousands of snails. I've never seen anything like that before. The water was sort of murky today anyway so glad we didn't plan a full day out there. We will be out there tomorrow. By the way, not sure I'm a fan of Destin as much anymore. It's gotten unreal crowded and the cowd is different. Seems southern manners have gone out the door. Nah, I would probably have loved it if I was actually staying in the town.

As we were leaving the beach late this afternoon they were setting up for a wedding. Beach weddings are the thing this year. I would love to see some of the photos! Here the bride and groom are standing and in the background is a middle aged woman with a dixie flag bikini and a hairy beer bellied guy! Oh yeah! HA!!! Note to Melissa: Yep, that's what will happen to Adam on Labor day! Y'all enjoy the laugh because ain't nothin' you can do 'bout it! HA!!!!

Well the sun is setting making the shadows of the palms long across the yard and southern breezes caress the leaves. The parrot calls from the top of the chair and Jimmy Buffett is singing. Yeah, life is good!

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