Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday 07.09.07

Woke this morning and headed down to the beach. A storm cloud was on the horizon and the water was murky from the breakers to the shoreline. Not too bad really. Em, Sean and I walked along the beach looking for shells and general goofing off. Not missing work for sure! HA! I did get an email that said they were have a really bad storm in LR though.

We came back to the house and had breakfast and waited around for everyone to get ready and finally got out the door heading to Ft Walton arund 11. Lord, they are slow pokes! We hung out at the mall and then over to touristy Fudpuckers for late lunch. 70 bucks for lunch! Yes, I was puckered alright!

Afterwards we went down the road to the Nautlus Condo's to check out some units that my sister had recommended for a huge family gathering next June 14-21. We looked at 3 different ones and all were nice. I hope it works out where the whole family can go down. We did it several years ago and it was a lot of fun. Our family is so big now, who knows.

We came back and heading down to the beach for the late afternoon. I did exactly what I said I was going to do before the trip and that as hit the beach, good book in hand and read. Terri and the kids found a million nice shells. Don't ask what we are going to do with all of them.

Tomorrow the kids are supposed to go over to Destin since Terri's brother Toby is off and he lives there. They are supposed to go ride wave runners. I'll probably go over and tinker around for several hours and then pick them up. Who knows. The plans change around here by the minute! HA!

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Melissa Halford said...

UUUUGGHHHH...your killing me here! I can't wait for Labor Day so I can rub it in. Glad yall are having fun and hopefully no rain like we have here in Seattle...aka NWA!