Tuesday, December 18, 2007


8:30 --- I should be working but I knew a lot of folks would be reading today so I'll update off and on through the day. I'm 2 hours out from walking across the parking lot and having them flip the switch. I'm having my skinny latte so life is good. I was walking with my VP across the parking lot and who would we run in to? Ellen, my recovery nurse. This was the first time I had seen her since the surgery. I gave her a big bear hug and laughed.

12:12pm --- ALL SYSTEMS GO!!!!
Velcro sounds so funny! Poor Jordan sounded like a man. Terri (wife) sounded more like herself. Steve the other audio sounds like himself just fine... maybe a little tweaking. They are giving me 3 programs that increase in volume... you are kidding me right? Everything is so loud right now. This keyboard is insane. Most folks are gone to lunch right now so I'm excited to see what it is going to sound like in a little while with coworkers around.


Not near as mechanical as I was expecting. It seemed to be right as Jordan flipped the switch and it was then sort of like I could hear her but there was a sound barrier between us. That seems to be going away really fast.

It keep picturing one of those underwater plants that move and flow. That's sort of what this is like. I'm already having those... what was that moments.

Oh what a fun journey this is now going to be!!!

4;21pm --- What an absolute amazing afternoon! I have some really funny stories. I have asked, "What was that noise?" a few times when I shouldn't have. We've laughed a lot.
Check back later tonight and I'll do my best to have the video up.

8:16 -- Been a blast today but I'm about ready to find a quite spot and a book for a bit. I was told that I'd be working my way through 3 programs before my morning appointment tomorrow. Not sure I will get to #3. Everything is so loud. I've been asking folks to whisper so I can understand them better. When some folks talk normal it seems so loud that it's distorted.

I did venture out to run an errand and did fine. Some of the funny things that have happened today are:
I heard a noise and asked what it was and to my embarrassment it was someone in the restroom.

One of my coworkers walked down he hall and I could hear a swishing noise and it was her pants. I said I could hear her pants rubbing and she thought I meant she had big thighs! She doesn't but I logged that in the ole mental bank to never mention anything like that again to a girl. HA!

I heard my keys jingling. That sound was what I used to gauge the volume on my hearing aid years and year ago. If I could hear the keys then I knew it was turned up loud enough. Now it will always be turned up!

I washed my hands and just stood there listening to the water. Oh how I can not wait until it rains!!!! I want to hear a car drive by and hear the water spray. I could always hear the car going back and I knew what the water spray was supposed to sound like but over the past few years the high pitched part slowly died away.

Well, here it is being turned on. It takes a bit to load. Sort of long.

I hate looking at myself in video or photos but promised the activation video. There are 3 more videos but I'll space them out. It would sort of be like watching someones vacation slide show.

Thanks for hanging out with me today! Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring.


Melissa said...

YIPPEE!!! Oh no...I just realized that you will hear all the shopping talk from Terri & Emmy that you have been able to tune out all these years...and it's right during Christmas season! God bless you tonight sweet uncle!

Jeff said...

Great, Geo!!! Do some continuous sounds, like fans and traffic, sort of undulate? It does for me. Sounds like you had a great start. I'm very glad. Welcome to the Club!

Melissa said...

I am so glad all is well! We will have to get you & Keaton together this weekend and just do name that sound. I think he has kind of been the same way since getting tubes. Oh man, he loved music but know he is obsessed! Enjoy the velcro and so much more!

Jennifer said...

I just got home from work, and came straight here. It sounds like you're doing GREAT!!!! YAHOOOO!!!! I've been hoping that you'd hear right away...and it looks like you're right on track!
At my activation, I couldn't believe how good voices sounded, either...I was expecting much worse, and was surprised that it wasn't too bad :).
It just gets better and better...today's just the beginning of a great journey!
Can't wait to hear more!

Jennifer said...

I came back to see if you'd posted any updates, and sho'nuff! I understand being ready for things to be quiet again...I still have times when I get enough of the noise and need a little peace!!
One thing, though...after years of not being able to get the volume loud enough, it's nice to know we won't have to worry about that again!
Loved the video...we have two TVs going now so I didn't hear it well...but will be back to watch it with the Direct Connect later. I enjoyed sharing the experience with you, though...and seeing that happy grin when you heard the sound for the first time! Isn't it great?

Melissa said...


Make sure you get them to go as loud as they can today because Saturday you will have all the family in one room and the high pitched laughter will be overwhelming I am sure! God love sisters huh?

Can't wait to see more video!!!

Geo said...

Yep, I can't wait until Saturday!

Abbie said...

I'm a little later, I got lost in the mall :) Sounds like you had a great activation. I was forever jingling my keys. Right after activation while I was driving home my keys were jingling and I was getting the biggest kick out of them and the blinker too! I'm working my way through your post because I know this only gets better!

I love the loudness!! :)