Monday, December 17, 2007

Waiting and ringing and riding

Waiting: Yes, somehow I will sleep tonight knowing that in the morning I'll go to work as normal but come home a tuned in and turned on bionic. If I make it out like Jeff (see link over on the blogs I read list) did with his CI then I'll be a very happy camper.

Ringing: Wha???!! Yep, that pesty ringing in back in my CI ear. I have figured out that when my heart rate goes up the ringing returns. I figured this out when the media at church froze and I had to do some fast moving while the guy was doing the announcements. thank goodness he was long winded! I got everything back on line but the stress made my heart giddy up and when it did the ringing was roaring. I can make it ring by yawning too. Weird!

Riding: I got on the trainer (bike) tonight. Ever gotten one of those papers back in school with the big red bad grade written over sized on your paper? I would have gotten one of those tonight. I was just glad I got on it and rode and even sweat. My pal Jason and I went to lunch today and I was telling him how surprised I was that I hadn't gained that much weight even though I had been eating fast food and other crap and not riding. He said, but I bet you lost a lot of muscle weight. I cringed! The was like a cold wet rag thrown in my face. He didn't mean it like that but I was the good smack up the side of the head that I needed. To even think of losing muscle due to fat middle aged laziness is a bad thought all the way around. Bet I'm back on that trainer again tomorrow night...with a CI in place!

It's so strange that I'm booking into the new year already. I even got one schedule of events today via email that takes me all the way to the end of 2009.

I did something pretty bold today. In an email I set out to the church presentation team, I told them how I was really looking forward to hearing Christmas songs this Sunday. (Enter Willie Coyote snickering laugh). Well one service last year had zero Christmas songs. I thought that was the most deflating thing in the world to do. I'll know Wednesday if it worked... keep your fingers crossed.

By the way, here is the hospital Christmas e-card that went out to thousands. When you watch it, pay close attention to the scene after the helicopters. Yep that was me and the awesome team that rode the River to River ride for kids with hearing impairments.

Note to cycling friends: I am still very grateful to you all and because of you a child is hearing better today!


Jennifer said...

Geo...I'll be watching my Google Reader all day long waiting for the great news! I know you'll do fine...I can't wait to hear all about it!!!
Everything crossed for you! :)

Jeff said...

Yeah, Geo, good luck! And remember, even if it doesn't sound great at first it will get better down the road. I went in to my activation just wanting to hear something, anything -- beeps, boinks, whatever!

And, if you get the chance to find out any more details about that failed first device, I'm interested.

Wes said...

Woo hoo! Can't wait to hear about it!! Literally, of course ;-)