Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday Part 2

Forgot a really funny story to tell...
A friend of mine was telling me at lunch yesterday that a friend of hers took their little boy to a live nativity scene where you walk through. They were talking back and forth about the different parts and then they were about to round a corner to were the people got the element of surprise, the baby Jesus part.

So mom and little (5 year old) son are talking and she knows what's around the corner so she starts buttering him up and she says, "... and what did the wise men see?" About that time they round the corner and the little boys screams, "MCDONALD'S!!!"

Seems there was a McDonald's on the hill just outside so when he looked up for the star he spotted the golden arches!

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Jennifer said...

Geo...that's hilarious...and if I took my five-year-old, she'd say the same thing (it's her favorite restaurant!!) Thanks for the smile!