Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Welcome to extreme makeover!

I opted for the Tupac (I say it as "Two-pack") head gear, the 80's Don Johnson/Miami Vice no shave, and druggie celebrity mug shot look. Y'all think I achieved that look?
Feeling much much better!!!


Abbie said...

Ahh that lovely sadistic bandage, I remember that :) You sport it very well I must say Geo :)

Jennifer said...

Great pictures!! You're wearing just about the same expression in the second picture that I had for several days after my surgery...the "do-we-really-want-pictures-of-this" face ;). Think this is the first time I've gotten to see a face to go with the name...nice to meet ya! :)
I'm glad you're feeling better!!! It will just keep on getting better over the next few days! :)

Jeff said...

Wow Geo! You had a time too! My surgery was the day after yours. I have a photo of me in my CI bonnet with a similar expression ("Oh man, what did I just do..."). I'm doing pretty good now but the first 3 days were rough. I was nauseous the moment I woke up in recovery and lost it right there. Amazingly, I never vomited after that but was on the verge for a couple of days, so I could only nibble at bland food. I had roaring tinnitus like you described too, which has also dissipated for me. Since I'm getting activated before you (on the 11th), check my blog to see how it goes for me.

I'm so glad they had a second implant available for you. I can only imagine how depressing it would be to wake up from surgery only to be told the implant was defective and they'd have to do it all over again later. Bleh!

Glad you're feeling better too, and good luck in the coming days!


Sam said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! In fact, I think you are better looking than Abbie and Jen! *wink wink*