Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just gimme the keys and let me drive it!

Got an email from Jordan (One of my audio buds) across the street. She asked if I could stop by while I was in the main hospital and let her check the magnets so Tuesday when we activate then this wouldn't slow us down. No prob. I got over there this afternoon and she tried several magnets and only one stuck and then when I moved my head it came off. Bummer. She said there were several things that could be going on. One was my thick scalp. I laughed and said, "If y'all don't stop calling me a fat head." She laughed. The other thing was my hair. It's thick and curly or wavy. So I knew how to eliminate that problem. Guess who stopped by Sport Clips on the way home and got a b-u-z-z?? I love it, love it, love it! It's a short version of my summer haircut. Man, I'm going to freeze my butthead off in a couple of days when that temp drops! I don't have to comb my hair or dry it any more! Yea-izzz!

Meanwhile, as I was saying, Jordan was trying different mags and we had the door open. All the other audios would be walking by and see me sitting there and freeze. They would all then get excited and Jordan would have to tell them we were just playing with mags. Then she said she wanted to hook it up to the computer to get a green light. At that point I got all excited! Will I hear the beeps??? No, not this time. Pure torture... Just gimme the keys and let me drive it!

Get this though, she told me that she scheduled a CI for a patient today and guess what the earliest date is now.... M-A-Y of 08.... 5 months out. Well John is the best! Come to think of it, we started all of my CI stuff back around May of this year.

One other really cool thing Jordan was telling me today. With the little girls who get CI's she gets an extra cap and glues rhinestones on it for some styling! I thought, you know, that's why I love these folks I work with. They are always a level above!

Note to Boomer: Awww man, Chris Botti jazz is great! Love this stuff! Thanks for the suggestion!

Got to run... y'all have a great Friday!


Jeff said...

That's so cool that everything's right there for you. But that could be a bit of torture at this point as well! Just a few more days, huh?! I can't wait to read how it goes!

We had to go to the strongest magnet for me as well. Thick skin and residual swelling.

Jennifer said...

OK, Geo...that was just wrong!! Oooohhh...I wouldn't have been able to stand it! You're a far better person than I am!!
I had to have a stronger magnet at activation this time soon after surgery that I still had some swelling. I planned to take it out later but it isn't bothering me so I've left it alone.
I like to entertain kids by hanging magnets off my head...great party trick ;). One of Rachel's little friends asked me tonight if he could try it...his mother was horrified at the suggestion, but I told her it was fine, and he just loved it. The problem came when he went around trying to stick it on everyone else's head later...and it was a no go!
I think I need to decorate some of my caps now...great idea ;). Perhaps I should put some jingle bells on there for the holidays! ;)
Won't be long...can hardly wait!

Wes said...

Buzz clip is styling, home boy :-) It's a year round thing for me!!! Getting excited, Geo!!!

Laurie said...

Hello! I found you through Abbie's blog. . .congrats on your surgery! I'll be anxious to hear about your activation day!

Jennifer is a great friend of mine. . . nice to meet ya!