Monday, December 10, 2007

Pretty in pink

Had he coolest thing happen today. We have a recruiters meeting every Monday morning at 8:30 and they know I have to walk across the parking lot to Java City to grab a latte. Everyone at the hospital knows this boy will show his face between 8 and 8:30 daily.

Well this morning I'm standing there with coworkers and one of my favorite Audiologist is standing a few ahead of us and she had a little girl with her. I could see the little pink things in her ear. After she made her order I knelled down to talk to her. That's a big thing at a kids hospital... get down to their level. So I told her I like her pink ear molds to her behind the ear hearing aids. She was all smiles then I flipped her out and reached up and pulled my hearing aid from around my ear to show her I had a hearing aid. She was sooo funny and cute. I told her I needed o get a new one (ear mold) and I asked her what color I show get and she stopped and did that little kid thinking look and then smiled real big and said, "PINK!" Everyone laughed. I just don't think bubble gum pink ear mold would look cute on me like it does her. She made everyone's day!

We have had 3 days of fog and it's getting sort of a pain. Sounds like a big cool down is headed this way after the Wednesday rain. Kin, if you are reading this, I hope you guys over in OK missed the bad stuff.

I bought some new software! Pinnacle Studio for making movies! I've got this PowerPoint stuff down for church and work now I want to go to the next level of "entertainment". Since my son is a professional in this stuff I figured I could get him to work with me getting me through the basics. I'll try and upload a few test movies as I build them. I'm planning on putting together some cool stuff. It's all in my head... yep, stored in that new 50 thousand dollar computer installed in my head. OK maybe not but sounded bionic-ish huh?

I'm getting in the mood to go to I-Tune land and download some new music. thinking Jazz this time. Anyone got a favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know what it is.

Hey Jeff, GOOD LUCK on your CI activation on Tuesday!

I'm outta here for the night.


TriBoomer said...


I think you should go for the pink ear mold. Have some fun.

Anyway... here's my suggestion for some jazz music. Check out Chris Botti's "Italia" CD. It's getting good critical reviews and is one of my new favourites.

His rendition of Miles Davis's "It Never Entered My Mind" is the best cover I've heard in a long time.

Melissa said...

Coltrane is always a good pick! Also, when you get this movie thing down, you should post a clip on here for all of us to see. Would love to see your work!

BTW...coming home next weekend! See you soon (I promise to keep my kids as quite as possible...get ready!)

Geo said...

Let me see... Keaton, Elliott, Liam, Julian, and Landon. All under 2?! Oh this Christmas will be fun!!!!!

Lisa said...

George - you actually made her day also! She has never seen an adult with hearing aids and was fascinated by you.