Thursday, December 20, 2007

Day 3 -- Led Zeppelin

It was Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. Yep, that was the first song I've recognized on the radio. A good friend of mine is the morning DJ on the Point 94.1 (Classic Rock) and I knew he was talking after the song then it was cool how suddenly his laugh came processed in!

It rained but it was about 4 this morning so I missed the big sound but I did get to hear it a little this morning. Cars on wet pavement with water spray have a "reeeeeessse" sound.

While walking back into the office I kept hearing a do-it, do-it, do-it. What on earth??? It was water drops in the downspout on the corner of my office.

Oh and several cars starting their engines at the same time is weird. I could pick up on one car at pretty close range but hearing several at once and being no where near them is sweet!

I'm hearing all sorts of sounds far way that I have no clue what they are. I did figure out one was a printer at the other end of the building.

If someone walks down the hall and coughs it scars the hibby gibby's out of me. That sudden burst of sound s something else.

I'll try and update more tonight... lunch is over.

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Abbie said...

WOW!! I'm totally impressed! You are climbing bridges by the minutes Geo!