Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Up for air...

I'm coming up for air for just a moment. Walked into the office and it was weekend type quite. No cars on the roadways this morning. Hope my luck runs good on that all week. Love how it's Monday -- I mean Wednesday already!

Christmas was a lot of fun. Terri and I "promised" we would not get each other anything this year and we ended up getting each other more than in past years. It was funny. I woke and went into the den before anyone else got up and spotted a huge box... to me... from Santa! Ok, I became a kid at the moment! I was so excited and so surprised because I wasn't expecting anything. Turns out to be a ready nice office chair for the home office. I love it love it love it! Thanks Terri!

Ci Stuff: Ok, I've learned not to take this think off. I got lazy and just didn't want to deal with it so I wore only the hearing aid during Christmas morning (Yes, I just heard the collective gasp for all of you!). We then headed to my folks house and I put it on. I had to get used to the sound again. Seems like it took forever for my brain to process the sound on that side of my head again. I stayed CI only the rest of the day. I keep hearing stories about how folks with hearing aid on one side and CI on the other how they come to realize how nice the CI really is. I'm turning into one of those people. I still haven't plugged the CI into the IPod since music s-t-i-l-l is funky sounding. It's getting there.

I have a new love of baseball caps! They keep the mag on the CI in place when I work in the yard.

New Years stuff: Oh this is gonna hurt! I know I have got to get this "extended off season" gut off of me. Really guys, it's just plain bad. I'll be the first crazy person and throw my resolution out there. I've not seen any blogs putting their cards on the table for this yet.
Not in any sort of order... just random thoughts coming out here...
1. Drop the gut.
2. Get the fat gut and butt back on the bike and push off to a new adventure.
3. Get back to your 2-wheeled family. You miss them! You n-e-e-d them!!
4. Use the term "all learned up" this year in honor of Boomer.
5. Stop with the Java City... doesn't matter if it's a skinny latte, just cut that crap out.
6. Plan something big this year. Big enough to make friends say, "Are you serious?!"
7. Take church media to the next level and don't take credit for it either.
8. Spend a week on the beach with the family.
9. Give Emmy her new car when she least expects it. Yep, she's getting one and everyone knows it but the big question is when??? Buh ha ha ha!!
10. Meet Tyler Hamilton! He has signed with Rock Racing and should be racing in North Ark this spring. I know he had some issues but just the thought of seeing this guy race is just mind blowing. Now to think of Rasahann, Austin and Tyler all racing on the same team... oh man!

Used to I would make a list of One hundred and... whatever the year was, list of things to do during that year. Think I may do that again this year. 108 things to do in 2008.

Later folks!

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