Friday, December 21, 2007

Day 4

It just continues to be awesome!

Had my first speech therapy today with Krista. She gave me the 6 sounds on a dry wipe board in front of me. You know the oo ee ah m s and sh sounds. Then we went through some words that sound alike. I crashed on the difference between boot and book. All in good time... all in good time. I also got a page long list of homework... who on earth gives homework over Christmas break? HA! No, serious, I'm glad to have these projects to work on.

I felt good about the speech therapy session. One of the other speech/audio guru's (Anna) came in and there was something about her voice that I wasn't picking up on. I kept catching myself not quite understanding her. There have been a few women that have the same pitch that I'm just not getting yet. It bugs me... I want it to process now. HA!

I'm telling you, this is the best Christmas present ever. What I'm about to say, I kid you not is the truth. I love the Porsche Boxster and this morning there was one parked right outside my office. A fine black on black number. As I was heading to Java City I looked it over then I asked myself the ultimate "Loaded Question"... which would I rather have this Christmas? A 50 grand CI or a 76 grand car? The choice was so easy... it was the car! HA! I'm kidding. Now that I have a CI, I couldn't live without it.

Met with Greg last night to do the run through for all the Sunday's holiday service media. Video's, special music, overlaid songs, you name it and it's part of the service. I'm glad that Scott is going to be in the control sit this week. This will be the first Sunday to check out my CI in a auditorium full of people.

Well, now it's just doing my speech homework and learning to live with the implant for the next week. Tonight will be my first experience dining out with it on. Fingers crossed that it's Roma in J'ville but I think it may be Whole Hog for BBQ.

For all of you folks heading out for the holiday... have a safe trip and laugh a LOT! It's good for the soul!


Jeff said...

Hi Geo!
I have a little tip: I was getting a sensitive spot on the top of my ear where the T-mic hook rests. Today I noticed there was a very subtle ridge in that location of the hook -- a leftover seam from the molding process I think. I used a razor knife to gently scrape it smooth. It feels better already. You might want to check yours.
Happy Holidays!!

Wes said...

So excited that things continue to go well for you :-) Merry Christmas!!

Jennifer said...

Geo...I'd take my CI over anything I own, myself. It has given me my life back...can't put a price on that!!
I'm so glad you're doing so well already...what a great gift! :)

Abbie said...

Dude, I felt like I won the lottery with the CI! You seem to crash at the same words I had issues with. B's were not my friend the first couple weeks.

And as I am doling out the memories, I realize I have to get back in the saddle and practice too.