Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Very out-of-the-box and very right!

I read something during lunch that was mind blowing unusual. There is a church in Canton, GA called Revolution. They gave away their Sunday offering. Serious! They took up a collection at some point, no sure if that day or last week. Anyway, everyone in the crowd last Sunday got an envelope with a different amount of money to go out into the community and give-it-away! Some went to Wal-Mart and spotted a person they felt guided to give the envelope to and gave it in passing. Some gave it to different charities. One person bought the whole line at Starbucks their drinks. It was all up and down the scale. It was a most awesome read! Imagine what folks would remember about your church or organization if you did something like this!

Here's the link if you are interested:

So why not do something a little crazy and out of the box this Christmas season?

Oh by the way.... our church entered the Sherwood Christmas parade for the first time this year and guess who won first place??? Oh yeah!!! They worked so hard!

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