Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone!

Beautiful Christmas eve here in Arkansas! The temps are just right... cool enough to feel like the holiday but with tons of sunshine to keep me outside!

Woke up and spent some time reading by the fireplace early this morning. Reading a lot of Christmas humor stuff this week. The full moon lit up the neighborhood like it was daytime. Even with the bright moon I could see the stars with ease. That was out on the deck. Now on the other side of the house (looking out the kitchen window, the sun was starting to light up the horizon. Beautiful light blues and orange.

Headed out to get a few stocking stuffers and back to the house by 10. My yard was calling me. I cranked the lawn mower and cleared the leaves, hopefully for the last time, off the lawn. The back still had some wet leaves from the rain a couple of days ago so it made for a heavy tarp-o-leaves to drag to the curb. We have a leaf sucker truck that comes by about once every other week and sucks all he leaves that you can put down at the curb. For a couple hundred bucks you can buy them back this spring as mulch. Serious.

Sadie (family dog) loves it when I work outside because she will be out there running and playing. She doesn't seem to like to really hang out by herself out there.

OK, ok, here are the CI stories... Church was really nice. The songs really sounded nice and I flipped the hearing aid on just a tad to get it in 7.1 Surround Sound. HA! Greg asked me from where he was up front how the second service was sounding. Embarrassed I said, "You guys are rocking!" Then after the sermon he walked up to were we were sitting and handed me a mic and asked me to tell the church what I thought about my hearing. First thought was ,"Man, would you cut this stuff out!" I just told everyone how grateful I was and how nice it was to hear so many voices in song. It really was. One of the things that did really surprise me was when everyone turned pages in their bibles. I could hear hundreds of people doing this.

Well, the gifts are all wrapped, I can smell the girls starting Christmas Eve dinner (wife's family all come to our house), sun will be starting to set behind the hill in about an hour and the outside lights will all come on. Yup, life is good!

Have a merry Christmas everyone!


Jennifer said...

Merry Christmas to you too! I love hearing all the holiday sounds this year...don't you?
I have told everyone that I got my present early this year...and BlueCross paid for it...wasn't that great of 'em?
Enjoy your family! Blessings to you all! :)

Wes said...

Merry Christmas, Geo :-) Hope you have a great day!!