Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Day 2, Part 2

It's so funny how I can hear things that are "far away". That's as in a couple of rooms away. I hear people cough, drawers closing. Tonight was funny because I kept hearing something that sounded like someone sanding something. It was Terri walking in house shoes on the kitchen floor. I did finally pick up a little music while driving today. Actually I was sitting still waiting for traffic to move (don't you love rush hour) and I could hear music. The radio was only on level 2. I've never heard it on level two.

The washing machine is another thing that is deafening to me. Oh and hangers in my closet. If I slide a hanger and it makes that metal scraping noise -- ugh! And the dryer with blue jeans banging around while it tumbles. But you know what... I'm excited to even hear that.

I did notice a couple of folks looking at it today and even though I've seen people looking at my hearing aid, it didn't bother me. This is a bit different with it's wire and magnet. I want to say, "It doesn't go in my head and it doesn't hurt."

In laws made it in safe from Florida. Tons of gifts and homemade goodies. I'll do my best to not eat a bunch of it. Now if she makes her famous Key Lime pie, well, there will be no turning back.

Once again, I am tired from all the new sounds today. It's been a blast but it's at time overwhelming. It's so funny to get excited over simple sounds. I think the number of coworkers I've made cry is up to 3 or 4 now. When I tell them things like I heard keys or I can't wait for the rain, it seems to hit home that everyone takes the simple sounds of life for granted. We do. Even with my pre-CI hearing I took sounds I could hear for granted.

New count down started and that's to Saturday. I get to see the twins and all the other little tots in one room at one time. (Make a Little Richard style Whoooooo here! HA!)

I called my sister yesterday and we had a 20 minute laugh session Every time we get together we seem to get the silly's and that's what makes her great. Now, what I was saying about the tots all together. Well, my sisters will be all together Saturday and I will leave with a tummy so sore from laughing. It's Arkansas style version of Steel Magnolias. Insanely funny stuff. You'll hear (you have to say this with a slow southern accent) "Now, y'alllll..."

Oh, family funny.... While I was talking to Sherry, her husband had made some candy (it's really good too). I asked her if she ate it all and she stuttered around and said "Yes... I mean, no... well... uh... I mean I ..." I got so tickled and I laughed and laughed.


Jennifer said...

I love reading about what you're hearing...I had a hanger experience too :) I don't think I've heard the radio on level 2 though!! Wow!!
And yes, people tend to cry when they hear what a gift we've been given. I have only cried once...when I listened to music for the first time. I think that what gets other people is that they don't realize how much we missed before until they find out how much we're hearing now...and they can share the joy with us :). I have found that most people as fascinated and amazed...and well they should be! Isn't it amazing?
And you're talking on the phone already?? GREAT!!

Wes said...

What she meant to say was she probably ate it all and made another batch :-) At least that is my safety net!!

Abbie said...

I had the ability to make people cry too at work. They were completely in awe of what I was missing and how the littlest thing like paper rustling would drive me insane :)