Sunday, December 09, 2007

Been a good weekend

It's been a good weekend and I'm certainly feeling my normal old self again, Everyone at church services today wanted to know if I had run into anymore walls. All in good humor. I have so many friends who are just as excited about the "big turn on" as I am.

I'll see Dr. D (Dornhoffer) for a few minutes as a post op check-up on Tuesday right after lunch. There are a lot of questions I want to ask just because I'm curious and really get into this stuff.

The the 18th this the big turn on. Since I have a great team of folks, especially Scott, covering the media at church i a as close to stress free as I have been in 2 months. I feel like now I can really concentrate on learning to hear out of the new ear. I have been really worried about the services. The "look and feel" and can roll out there but once we go live I was thinking, "What if your ears start ringing?" I sat upstairs in the control booth the first part of service and had zero problems and could have even drove but then I wanted to get a feel of the crowd and even with my hearing aid turned down my ears were ringing a bit. Bummer, they had been playing fair all weekend. It went away fast.

I got the rest of the Christmas decorations outside yesterday. I really had thought I might could have put them up last weekend but I was too looped still to care. I also got the few leaves up off the lawn. Tonight is the big drive through all around the neighborhoods to see the lights. We've got it good because our home is on top of the hill looking over the valley so we can see a lot of Christmas lights Usually it' bumper to bumper but a strong storm came through and dumped the rain and dropped the temps about 2 hours ago so it was a slow start for luminary night.

Our house group from church put together 40 gym bags of items together tonight and they are planning to go under the bridges next Sunday morning at 6. They really packed some valuable stuff including what is called a "homeless blanket". I had never known there was really a blanket called that but it's a super thick heavy wooll blanket. They also packed canned meats, peanut butter, puddings, snack pack fruit, spoons, gloves, socks, caps, cleaning stuff and then they did something really col, they packed 4 cards and envelops stamped so they could write to let a loved one know they were OK. Then it gets even better... they were given a couple of wrapped gift, one with socks and one with gloves that they are to give away to someone who needs them. I will be interested to hear the results.

Well, I didn't get on the trainer bike today. Yeah, I know... lard butt! I was busy today and it was a fun day so maybe tomorrow. A guy can dream can't he? HA!


Jennifer said... people at church come up to you and ask you if you're hearing yet? I must have had to explain the whole thing thirty times or least...and that was just at church. I was delighted that they cared that much, but still, it was exhausting going over and over it!
It sounds like you're feeling better, if you're moving around that much! That's great!

Wes said...

Sounds like a great weekend, Geo! You are part of a wonderful community, are you not?

Geo said...

Jennifer... yes and friends walk up doing Mickey Mouse voices. I kept telling them, you don't get to sound like that until after the 18th.

Wes... you bet and glad you are part of it. Tell DeeDee howdy!

Abbie said...

Oh yes! The infamous confab of can you hear yet. Be prepared :)