Friday, December 07, 2007

Glad it's Friday

Long week this recovery week has been. It has gotten easier everyday. The ringing is for the most part gone unless I'm talking a lot or I have to move my head around a lot. Also i can taste most foods now. Still seem to be enjoying salty stuff more than anything else.

My to do list for the weekend is 3 miles long. Man, you miss one weekend and it sets you back big time. I have to put the lights up outside and clear the side of the garage so we can put a car in there. One side is fine, the other is tons of Christmas boxes (Note to my wife: No dear, I love all this stuff, I really do)

I need to do some Christmas shopping. I need to get leaves off the lawn...again. If "green" wasn't so "in" right now I'd cut a few trees down.

I W-I-L-L get on the trainer bike this weekend and ride. I have got to get my bike legs back. I keep telling myself, "Geo, the party's off you big buffoon! Get back on the bike and get on with it."


Jeff said...

Hi Geo!
Glad to read you're recovering well too. I'll be in catch-up mode as well this weekend.

I'm curious about something. I ride bikes too. I forgot to ask my surgeon if the sharp vibrations and jolts one gets sometimes riding would be an issue. Have you discussed it with your doctor?

I'm also interested to learn more details about the first implant failure. I got AB as well, the day after you. I mentioned your case to my surgeon at my follow-up yesterday and he was interested in more details too. I asked him if there was a backup implant available at my surgery and he said, "yes, always." That was good to learn, even in hindsight.

Have a great weekend!

Abbie said...

I still haven't gotten back to the gym. :) When is your activation?!