Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just keep it going

I wish this holiday break would just keep going! Since Christmas hit on Tuesday I think 75% of the workforce took the rest of the week off and that was fine with me! I've gotten so much work done this week. I even answered the phone once with just the CI on. Nope, still need to practice that one.

Not really a lot going on so I'm not going to bore you.

CI mapping is tomorrow so got my fingers crossed that I'll dial into hearing a female voice better. Right now most sound a bit like they have a cold. Some really do. After an hour of that then I cross the hall and have speech with Krista.

I did daydream a moment today. Well, I had eaten lunch and the office was warm, which is rare. Also it was very quite. One moment I was working away and the next moment I was snapping out of it. HA! I was thinking about all the people who helped me along this past year and so I'm going to name some names. (If your name isn't on here, don't worry, it'll show up in a later blog).

Non-Family inspiration:
Wes (Man, you have rocked this year! It has been an inspiration watching you heading toward Ironman!)
Boomer (Ironman who carried our hospital Cancer Center name with him while doing the Ironman! Thanks Boomer -- always our hero)
Chris and Rebecca -- Friends just don't get any truer (is that a word?) than this. Always there for me!
Chris and Jen -- Shawdawg and Shawkitty. You know those folks you just plain enjoy being around... Dawg and Kitty are those type folks.
Yale -- I just laughed out loud thinking of all the crazy fun times. One of the generous kind hearted guys you'd ever meet.
Aussie Rodney -- Always inspiring me to do better spiritually.
Aussie Chris -- Always inspiring me to take photos like he does and ride outside the lines.
Ed -- dropping 140 lbs and kicking it on the bike now!
Jenn, Abbie and Jeff -- CI friends who are getting me through this thing.
Robb -- He's up there with Yale. Laughing thinking about the crazy times. "The faster you pedal the sooner the pain stops."

Shoot... I'm out of time... more later!


Jennifer said...

Awwww, Geo...thanks :) I'm glad we've been able to help out a little!
I go for a map on Monday and can't wait...voices are starting to sound bad again and I'm having a harder time telling the pitch in music...which I don't like. Of course Monday night we have a New Years' Eve party...not a great day for a new map, as they seem to wear me out...but I have to wait so long for mine that I'll take it whenever I can get it! :)
If I don't catch you again in the next few days...Happy New Year! :)

Jeff said...

Thanks, Geo. It goes both ways. I enjoy your blog and it helps me to know of someone going through a similar experience. And oh boy, Jennifer and Abbie are just the best! Good luck on your upcoming mapping.

Wes said...

Awwww, shucks, Geo! I've been the one getting the most out of this bloggy relationship :-) Thanks for being there bro. I'm a better person cause I know you :-)

Laurie said...

Happy New Year! Hope your mapping session goes well! I need a new one, also. . .

Laurie in TN