Friday, November 18, 2005

The list just keeps getting longer

Ya ever had one of those upcoming weekends where your do list just keeps getting longer and longer? Mine is now about an arm length long and there's NO bike time listed. Now how crappy is that?

This is what I call "attic weekend". The summer stuff goes up and the winter stuff comes down and there's the beg and plead of Terri and Emily to bring down the Christmas stuff but leave it in the garage until next weekend. Y'all, guess who has to park their car out on the driveway during the holidays? Yup, you bet cha! I do! But the fun part is that on really cold morning you can scrape messages one your back window. Of course it melts within minutes when I punch the rear window defroster button.

Terri was at a board meeting yesterday so Emily and I went to a new restaurant called Firefall Grill. It's really good! It's one of those wood smoked food joints. It was so much food I couldn't even eat all of mine. Then we went over to Pier One for a dad/daughter shopping trip. We always cut up and laugh when we get out. And we didn't even buy anything.

We haven't heard from Tyler this week and it has us on nerves. He's phone we turned off (typical college kid stuff...). We'll probably talk to him this weekend. He was having some concerns about graduating and his classes so now you know why we are stressed. He was sick at the first of this quarter and missed some internship days so he needs to make them up. Got to have 90 hours done by 12/17.

Big weekend for high school football. Benton will play Springdale tonight. Springdale destroys everything in site so maybe Benton came stop this train!

Emily and I watched Christmas with the Kranks last night. There was a part missing on the dvd version of the movie. It wasn't a big part but a funny one where they are calling friends and trying to get them to come to the party and everyone's saying no. If you haven't read John Grisham's Skipping Christmas then get it and start reading it on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That's when the book starts. It's a really funny book!

Well back to work then home for the weekend! The Attic weekend! HA!

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