Friday, November 25, 2005

Crazy Friday

It's early morning the Friday after Thanksgiving and the house is quite. Terri has slipped out to join the frenzy of shopping. The big thing that my family talked about yesterday at my parents house was some 4 dollar food chopper. Ok we'll get one and it will be in the attic by Easter. HA! This shopping day seems a lot like Race for the Cure with teeth.

We took Sadie to my folks house so she could meet the family. I don't think she ever got to walk. My mom cuddled her like a grandchild and of course Sadie fell fast asleep. She was a live wire all the way home! One of the funny things she seems to have discovered is her tail. Around and around she goes. Bless her heart I don't think she has understood yet that it's attached to her.

Our house was a revolving door of high school and college kids last night. It's fun to have so many kids hanging out at our house and feeling comfortable enough to not care if Terri and I are in the room. They all treat Terri like a mom. It's fun to watch the giants come through the door and cut up.

We played a board game at my parents yesterday called Loaded Questions. It's a blast! We had two teams (Emily, Shannon, Barbie and Cathy) vs. (Terri, myself, Lindsey and Joe). You have the cards that are color coded and ask the other theams these really wild sometimes very truthful questions and the other team tries to pick who gave what answer. One of the questions was , "If you were a westler, what would your stage name be?" Barbie got so tickled that she had taken a drink and then started laughing and water came out her nose. Other questions were things like lifelong dream, favorite body part, most expensive thing your ever stolen, how many contries you've traveled.... great game! We'll go buy one.

Well, I need to make some coffee and make my list of things to do today and one will be ride my bike even though it's only ggoing to get to 52 degrees this afternoon. I know LSU plays the Hogs but I already know the outcome (I hope I'm wrong) but I have too much to do to spend it on the sofa.

By the way, next year Terri and I are hoping to spend our 25th anniversary at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I can't believe that Sunday is our 24th anniversary. How time flies when you're having fun!

9:25pm update ---
It's been a fun day and the tree is up but not decorated. I've got to find the light that's loose on one of the strands. And I didn't have the right stapes in the staple gun for part of the outside so everything is sort of half done.

I did manage to even get in a fifty miler this afternoon. Felt great to be out in the cool air and enjoying the beauty if a late fall day. There were several guys and girls out. I saw several families out too but something tells me they didn't ride to long due to the temperature and the wind coming off the water. I was really hoping to hit the 6,000 mile mark for the year but it's looking a little slim. I'll get close though!

Sadie had her first accident in the house today but I caught her just as she started so not much damage. We are supposed to go to Petsmart tomorrow at 4 to learn about potty training. The dog doesn't get to go.

Once again we have a house full of kids and tonight it's loud!!!! So I guess you can figure out why I'm back in the bedroom writing on my blog?

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