Monday, November 14, 2005

He rode across the country with his boys!

Joe Kurmaskie is by far my favorite author. He's not a big famous John Grisham sort of writer but if I put Grisham against Kurmaskie, then Kurmaskie is the winner here. I found a book called Riding Outside the Lines. Joe wrote it and it's a journal of his bicycle adventures. Joe and his writings are the real reason behind why I took the bicycle tour this summer. After reading his adventures I wanted to do the same. So while I was starting my ride around the state, Joe started a much larger adventure. He was starting in OR with his 2 youngs sons and was going trans America! The bike with his son's hook on bike and the bob trail for his youngest son reached 14 feet long and the total weight was a whooping 250 lbs!!! Across the country! Now that is cool! Joe had sent me an email and told me to watch the December issue of Men's Journal. Saturday I picked up a copy in Books-a-Million and there he was with the boys! Joe, if you're reading this, man, you're my hero! I can't wait to read the new book!

Another story in the magazine was about retracing the Lewis and Clark trail. The whole issue was stories that came from a poll of readers. The theme is "What do Men Want?" Joe's adventure was what 33% of it's readers wanted to do as an adventure. The Lewis and Clark story was about these 2 buddy's that fly in, get a brand new GMC 4x4 and drive the trial. Fun story to read. Makes me want to do it! Maybe on a mountian bike!

Saturday I cleaned the yard and as it always does, the wind and the rain come as I finish. Can't tell I did a thing out there! Guess I'll have to do it again this Saturday.

I had only one person show up for the Saturday ride. It was still a good ride but I can't say I wasn't a little disappointed. The ride was only 26 miles and most folks wanted a longer ride on Saturday. So I've led a ride now and done my thing with that. I'll be happy to help out but not lead/set-up the event.

Terri is back home from visiting her folks in FL over the pasted few days. Had a good time.

Hard to beleive that next week is Thanksgiving! Before you know it I will be talking about that I can't believe next week will be Christmas!

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