Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mid week madness

Remeber yesterday I was talking about Joe Kurmaskie? Here's a copied photo from the Men's Journal website. It's a great article!

Sooo cold! That's all I can say! There is a ride tonight but I'm completely wimping out of this one. Once I used to the cold then I'll get out there but this first blast is wicked! I think a fire in the fireplace is on for tonight.

I do plan to return to some sort of fitness center schdeule this afternoon after work. Got to do that core training that I was good at then quite during the late summer. My fitness and bike riding attitude has seem to be on a low right now. I think I need to plan some insane rides for next year and committ to them so I'll have to train. I think it's all a mental game with me.

And my eating habits... oh man, now that just ain't right! There's a lot going on that has me stressed and I asked Terri to pick up a pack of cream horns last night when she went to the store and I downed 2 of them plus chips!! I'm going to explode if I don't stop eating like I'm riding 40 miles a day still.

I'm ready for the weekend. Oh by the way, my nephew Jim is coming in from Texas with his family for the Thanksgiving holiday. They will all be heading to Rogers where my neice lives for the holiday. It's funny he hasn't said much about Arkansas in a while (he bleeds orange now ya know!) but this weekend is high school show down and he is blogging "Arkansas" stuff. There will be state troopers at the state line wearing hog hats and awaiting his arrival no doubt! HA!

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Jim Gardner said...

Why would I post Arkansas stuff? It's been a tad embarrassing down here to claim any ties to Arkansas, what with the way the Hogs have played this year.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, though, and being back in God's country. I know its gonna be cold -- it was 25 degrees here this morning!


P.S. If it were me, I would have done the ride last wimp!