Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mid week madness...

This will be fast. I had a meeting all morning and I'm taking Emily to the dentist and I'm hoping to get a bite to eat.

Yesterday's job fair put us in front of over 4,000 people. It was a good crowd too. They dressed up and most were serious about employment rather than just taking the stuff we give away. My voice was ruff as we finished. Several from LA and MS but not as many as I expected and the ones I spoke with are hoping to go home within the next 6 months. Makes it hard to hire them when they say that due to getting someone really trained then they leave.

One of the department's in the hospital is already decorating for Christmas. Serious! It's an out of the public eye department but still.

I've not been on the bike since Sunday and I'm eating like I'm still riding everyday. This is going to get really bad if I don't cut back. Will is putting together a ride for Saturday morning that will start and end at a coffee shop. FOOD! I will lead my first group ride next Saturday and it will also start at a coffee shop... FOOD! I'm going to Ft Smith next Monday and they have a Panera Bread! MAJOR FOOD! (Those would know me are laughing right now! I love Panera!). Thanksgiving is coming up and I'm not a big turkey fan but there will be lots of desert food!! The new Southern Living came and Terri is talking new recipes... FOOD!!! So there you have it! I'm gonna explode by spring! Now where is that website where I sign up for that tv show called the Biggest Loser? That's a great show to sit on the sofa and eat chips and brownies while watching! HA!

Well, got to run ... Mandy if you are reading this, I hope you get well soon! I know Texans say they bleed orange, so do they barf orange too?

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